AnalystQ is a leading online trading platform that allows investing and trading in various markets of cryptocurrencies, precious metals, currency options, soft commodities, and energy commodities. The AnalystQ platform is pretty responsive, and it has a precise and quick trading style. Its large client base spans across over 170 countries. The AnalystQ platform offers all its clients with money-making investment options, creative trading opportunities, a full-fledged library of webinars and educational content, and many different helpful resources to learn different trading types. The different types of accounts offered by AnalystQ make it different from the other platforms. Read this AnalystQ review to find out everything you should know about it before trading with this platform.

AnalystQ Reviews - Leading Trading Platform

AnalystQ Reviews – Leading Trading Platform

Trading Accounts:

Let’s start the AnalystQ review with the different types of accounts offered by AnalystQ. There are three main types of accounts that a user can open at AnalystQ.

1) Primary Accounts: The primary account at AnalystQ is the basic type of account that is best for newbies. It lets users trade over 16,000 assets in different classes, namely, Soft Commodities, Cryptocurrency, Currency Options, Energy Commodities, and Precious Metals. With quality execution, advanced trading systems, and trading tools, it helps traders trade effectively and smoothly. Primary Accounts at AnalystQ are available under 3 tiers:

  • Standard Account: The Standard Account that falls under the Primary Accounts category lets you trade multiple assets. The users of this account will be offered tips from the experts that will help them trade smartly. To open this account and start trading at analyst, traders need to deposit a minimum amount of 500 USD.
  • Education Account: By choosing the Education Account of AnalystQ, traders can indulge in various trading-related educational courses. Other than the perks of an Education Account, this account also offers access to the MT5 trading platform for smart and simple trading. It is well-liked by most traders for its classic webinars library. To access this account and benefit from all its features, you will have to deposit a minimum amount of $5000.
  • Specialty Account: The Specialty Account offers all the perks of an Education Account along with some more. It is the best tier under Primary Accounts. With a minimum deposit amount of $25000, users can access this account and get 24/7 live support that is ready and willing to guide you when you want.

2) Professional Accounts: A professional account offered by AnalystQ is best for professional traders. With a Professional Account, you get updated and regular insights from the experts that will help you trade smartly. The users of the Professional Accounts will also get the advantage of trading on tightest spreads. There are two types of Professional Accounts offered by AnalystQ:

  • MarginQ Account: This account offers personalized and dedicated services along with access to their online MT5 platform and their elite webinar library. A user of a MarginQ account also gets 3 live sessions in every week with their analysts for trade reviews. They can rest assured to get the best trading signals via WhatsApp or SMS along with unlimited phone support and a direct line to the trading room 24/7. With a minimum deposit amount of $75000, traders can access this account and its features.
  • Platinum Account: Platinum Account is a top-tier Professional Account. Apart from all the benefits of a MarginQ Account, A Platinum Accounts also offers an exclusive invitation to their VIP events and better spreads that are 5% lower. The maximum deposit amount needed for this account is $150000.

3) AutomatiQ Accounts

Now you can trade without any experience with AnalystQ.  You can run the newest automated strategies in the brokerage account. The best trading strategy developers run their trading strategies on the AnalystQ platform. The AnalystQ analysts access and rank every strategy. Users can then select the strategies according to their preferences.

AnalystQ Reviews - How does AutomatiQ works?

AnalystQ Reviews – How does AutomatiQ works?

Instruments that can be traded on AnalystQ:

AnalystQ offers you access to many different assets and instruments to get success in trading. Q offers more than 16000 assets under different instruments to trade:

1) Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency is the latest and one of the most lucrative markets to trade-in. With analyst services and tools, users get the best insights and high-leverage opportunities to make profits. Q lets you trade cryptos even if you don’t own them. Traders and investors can use the AnalystQ prediction tools to predict the future cost of crypto, study the market pattern, and evaluate the market trends while trading cryptocurrencies.

2) Currency Options: Another well-liked market that offers infinite opportunities is the Currency Options. If you want to trade in the Currency Options, AnalystQ offers many services like different maturity ranges that can fit in your preference, leading-edge prices from different pips across a large collection of currencies, an informed and reliable chat support available 24/7, real-time and professional analysis on different currency options, quick access from different devices.

3) Energy Commodities: Energy Commodities consist of both renewables and non-renewables. Renewables include energy gathered from wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass, while non-renewables include coal, oil, and gas. The pricing of energy commodities depends on the changing weather patterns of the Earth. This creates many opportunities for traders. AnalystQ, a commodity trading platform, offers many trading options along with high-tech risk management tools and excellent customer services. With this platform, you can also get the information and knowledge you require for making trading simpler.

AnalystQ Reviews - Energy Commodities

AnalystQ Reviews – Energy Commodities

4) Precious Metals: Precious Metals are a sought-after trading instrument inclined to go upwards and not slow down. Precious Metals provide a lucrative opportunity to the traders. With AnalystQ, you can trade Platinum, Palladium, Gold, and Silver 24/7.

5) Soft Commodities: AnalystQ lets you trade in a range of soft commodities, including soybean, cocoa, coffee, cotton, and sugar. Although the soft commodities market is found to be stable generally, it isn’t free from risks. At AnalystQ, traders can make profits even when the soft commodities value drops. Moreover, no default risk is involved with the trading of soft commodities. The trading environment of AnalystQ is completely trustworthy.


The AnalystQ platform not only lets users trade and invest, but they also make them learn with their varied educational courses. They also offer resourceful webinars hosted by financial analysts.

1) Educational Courses: If you want to hone your trading knowledge and skills, AnalystQ offers various educational courses for the same. From beginners to experts, there is a course for everyone out there. Regardless of your experience level, you will find a suitable course for yourself. Some of the topics included in these educational courses include but are not limited to stocks, indices, commodity trading, leveraging cryptocurrency trading strategies, market trends, and more.

2) Online Trading Courses: If you do not have sufficient time to commit yourself to a full-time course, you can easily get the required information painlessly and promptly with AnalystQ online trading courses. With these courses, you can learn trading strategies for every major stream of trading,  you get access to take part in virtual learning, and access in-depth webinars.

3) Personal Trading Coaches: One-on-one coaches at AnalystQ can offer you personal and individualized training on trading. With them, you can rest assured to get the insight you need to make well-informed and energized moves.

AnalystQ Reviews - Education

AnalystQ Reviews – Education

Platforms that are compatible with AnalystQ:

AnalystQ can be accessed via different platforms. You can choose one as per your preference and need.

1) Android Trading app Platform: The AnalystQ Android app helps make trading of all instruments simple, smart, and quick. With this AnalystQ platform, you also get instant push notifications about the latest trends. If you have any concerns, issues, or questions, their support team is also standing by 24/7.

2) iPhone Trading App Platform: If you are an iPhone owner, you can make it work and earn money for you. The iPhone trading app of AnalystQ allows you to trade from anywhere and anytime. This trading platform always offers the best opportunities. To add to its benefits are its responsive design and intuitive layout.

3) MetaTrader 5 platform: The MT5 trading platform of AnalystQ not just lets you trade but also boosts your trading knowledge and insights with detailed analysis and tools. It can be used on any browser or device. It offers various free and [paid opportunities. Some of them include copy trading features, real-time technical indicators from experienced analysts, trading robots that can trade for you using pre-defined algorithms, assistance from strategists and developers, and more.

4) Tablet Trading App Platform: The tablet trading app of AnalystQ lets you trade with a single finger along with viewing your positions, real-time data,  live prices, updated market conditions, and more. You can also get 24/7 available customer support with this platform.

AnalystQ Reviews - Tablet Trading App Platform

AnalystQ Reviews – Tablet Trading App Platform

5) Web Trader Platform: Now, trading has become pretty simple with the AnalystQ WebTrader platform. You can now trade professionally like an expert trader. WebTrader is the ideal solution for those looking for a simple and straightforward trading solution. With the WebTrader platform, you can get historical trading data, view all the trending assets, evaluate trends of different financial instruments, take benefit of risk management tools, compare assets using multi-chart windows, and more.

Crypto Funding Basics:

The leveraged funding offered by AnalystQ offers you the required capital for trading. With crypto funding, a trader can get many opportunities that consist of a trader’s position improvement while purchasing cryptos and more.

Margin and leveraged Loans

AnalystQ offers margin loans to its registered users that assist them to establish their trading career in different financial markets. These loans are lucrative and risk-free. It’s offered to traders who have a good credit score. It doesn’t have any closing cost, annual fee, set-up cost, or non-use fees.

AnalystQ offers leveraged loans to traders who don’t have an appropriate credit score or aren’t eligible for a bank loan. The leveraged loans are also available for buying stocks, debt management, and stabilization of trading balance sheets.

Services that AnalystQ offers:

The AnalystQ makes it simpler to perform trading by providing a large number of in-house analysts, personal relationship managers, dedicated sales traders, along many personal trading courses.

  1. Dedicated Sales Trader: AnalystQ has a dedicated sales traders team with an understanding of trading technicalities. The dedicated sales traders offer guidance with crypto funding, sales volume, market volatility risk, and other trading aspects.
  2. In-House Analyst: AnalystQ in-house analysts offer resourceful insights into the risks and patterns and provide streamlined assistance in avoiding the trading traps to extract the utmost profits in the market.
  3. Personal Relationship Managers: They help traders to navigate via the trading complexities with expert guidance. You can consult the personal relationship managers on AnalystQ to handle the market volatility and earn more profits.
  4. Personal Trading Courses: Traders can also enroll themselves in personal trading courses offered by AnalystQ to learn the advanced and fundamental trading strategies and make the most of the trading world.


During this AnalystQ review, we found it amazing that the platform offers various methods to reach customer support. Let’s have a look at each of them individually in this AnalystQ review:

  • Email Support: AnalystQ has outstanding email support. The different email addresses through which they can be reached include:
  1. for Support
  2. for Compliance
  3. for Trading Desk
  4. for Analyst Desk
  • Whatsapp Support: WhatsApp is one of the best communication channels at present with millions of users. AnalystQ has also included it in its customer support for offering unmatched convenience to its clients.
  • Telegram Support: As Telegram is a secure and safe messaging app, AnalystQ has included it also in its support channel for seamless and safe services.
  • Phone Support: What can be better than phone support when you have queries or questions regarding the services of AnalystQ. It has different phone numbers available on its website for different countries.


From this detailed AnalystQ review, it is clear that AnalystQ is a well-developed platform created to suit both advanced traders and beginners’ requirements. There are many positive AnalystQ reviews from its users on its website and different review sites. You can also check AnalystQ reviews offered by its current users to become more confident while using it.


1. Which loan is offered by AnalystQ for traders having a low credit score?

Ans. Those who don’t have a good credit score and insufficient funds can benefit from leveraged loans offered by AnalystQ.

2. Is AnalystQ Legit?

Ans. Yes, AnalystQ is completely legit and is regulated by the Dominica authority. It lets traders trade multiple assets and offers high leverage rates as well. AnalystQ has an excellent reputation in the market, and it’s evident from the various positive AnalystQ reviews out there.

3. Which Is The Best Account of AnalystQ For Those Who Don’t Know To Trade?

Ans. AnalystQ has an AutomatiQ Account for those who don’t know to trade. With this account, newbies can help with the trading strategies offered by expert analysts and strategy developers.