CDC Guidance, Omicron Threatens Businesses

CDC Guidance, Omicron Threatens Businesses

The Centers for Diseases Control & Prevention has announced a reduction in the number of isolation days. Asymptomatic patients infected with Covid-19 will now only have to remain in isolation for five days as compared to the earlier requirement of 10 days.

This announcement has been received with a lot of backlash from experts and employee representatives alike.

On the other hand, the manufacturing sector has been warned by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency about the rise in online attacks.

Guidelines Issued By CDC

A new guideline has been issued by the Centers for Diseases Control & Prevention for people living in the United States of America.

According to the recent guidelines announced, the isolation time for asymptomatic patients infected with Covid-19 has been lowered by 50%. They will now be required to remain in isolation for only five days. The time was previously ten days.

A debate has now begun throughout the country with regards to this announcement. Many experts and employee representatives are seeking an explanation for this revision of the isolation time.

Imposing a lockdown or shutdown has been a very unpopular opinion throughout the USA, something that US President Joe Biden is trying hard to avoid.

His attempts are true in every sense, as a lockdown affects all the businesses negatively, especially the ones that cannot function on the Work From Home model. A list of such business categories includes Airlines, Restaurants, and Retail.

Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden’s medical advisor, came out in support of the announcement. He said that the reduction in the number of isolation days was important to ensure that people go back to their jobs.

He highlighted that it was more important for people with essential jobs to resume their work.

Statistically speaking, Covid-19 and its variants transmit during the first two days prior to the identification of symptoms and after 2-3 days from the time when symptoms become visible.

A Rising Threat To Manufacturing Sector

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, also known as CISA, has issued a warning to the manufacturing sector about the rise in the number of cyber threats.

Every manufacturing company stands at the risk of suffering from a cyber attack. The cases have been on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic began. One possible factor to cause the rise in such attacks has been identified as the increase in remote work.

CISA has further linked the increase in cyber attacks to the lack of well-qualified technical staff to protect the online side of the manufacturing industry. Among every type of online attack, Ransomware attacks have been identified to be the most common ones.

The agency has identified two key concerns. These concerns are the increased use of robotics and remote processes.

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