An Overview of Online Platform for Bitcoin Purchase

30444 An Overview of Online Platform for Bitcoin Purchase

The introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency was the new wave around the world, both in emerging countries, as well as in large world organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Union (EU), etc. Meanwhile, the blockchain-based cryptocurrency has existed in our financial ecosystem for over a decade, but its adoption process has been slow. Previous people were more skeptical of this particular technology and concept overall.

Traditional thinking and reluctance to accept technological changes were only a few of the main reasons for this. However, now the scenario has changed. Many cryptocurrencies and companies turn to integration and association to strategically compete in the market, rendering the speculatively proven aspect of decentralized financing through digital currency. Also, there are a lot of trading platforms looking forward to such arrangements.

Bitcoin is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency based on a decentralized system. Unlike in the traditional banking system, no central clearing of money movements is necessary. Bitcoin is the idea of a new form of money that uses cryptography to control its creation and transactions, rather than a mediator was first depicted and suggested by Wei Dai in 1998. Further, in 2009 the Bitcoin’s first specification and proof of concept were published in a cryptography mailing list by Satoshi Nakamoto. Later the community has ever since then grown exponentially.

Influencing reasons behind buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin has many influencing characteristics and features that attract investors or traders to invest in this crypto asset, such as:

  • Bitcoin is autonomous in nature.
  • Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system, which means users can send and receive payments to or from anyone on the network globally.
  • Bitcoin trading is isolated and insulated; Usage of Bitcoin eliminates Banking Fees on the transaction and other charges.
  • Trading cross border with Bitcoin implies exceptionally low transaction fees for International Payments.
  • Bitcoin Wallet can help with financial inclusion by using it as a quasi-bank account on which people can make savings and the daily transaction.
  • Trading in bitcoin requires no physical access; its virtual characteristics makes it easily and remotely accessible anywhere.

Overview of

Bitcoin can now be bought directly with just a few simple steps on The primary goal of is to deliver its users with a seamless and uncomplicated user experience when purchasing bitcoins using various modes of payment. Coinitix offers a straightforward two-step registration process: open account and verification. Once your verification is completed, you can buy bitcoins promptly. is one such technologically elevated crypto exchange platform that offers bitcoin buying options with a Credit card. has obtained a license from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Estonia.

The Role of Coinitix in Emerging Bitcoin Adoption

Coinitix is a beneficial platform in perspective from the adoption of Bitcoin because has the following influencing factors for this, such as:

  1. Its most crucial specialty is devotedly and exclusively, providing its users with an exceptional bitcoin adoptive environment.
  2. It also acts as a cryptocurrency wallet to store the bitcoins with expert protection.
  3. It helps merchants, entrepreneurs, and businesses to manage their payments & customer acquisition.
  4. All the bitcoin related purchase activities on this platform are shielded and protected under its robust protection system.
  5. It has competitive features and advanced technology that offers the bitcoin adapters with a competitive trading source.

The way things are changing around the world, this cryptocurrency, i.e., Bitcoin (BTC), has plausibly gained its acceptance compared to before in many countries around the world for the following reasons, e.g., The faster transfers, the immediate processing of payments, the worldwide acceptance of the same currency, etc. Even in this given current scenario and the constraints created by the COVID-19 pandemic, even the European Union (EU) is now ready to examine blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like BTC in their processes to take into account the need to deviate from cash payments.

The EU plans to incorporate blockchain technology processes and blockchain-based cryptocurrency into its current existing processes within the next four years by creating a comprehensive framework that will allow the EU to use distributed ledger technology (DLT) to introduce assets in the financial sector; at the same time, taking into account the risks associated with these technologies. This introduction of new technologies for the use of cryptocurrency and cross-border payments by the world economic union.


Considering the above actualities, Bitcoins were the first mover for the introduction of the cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology amongst all other altcoins. Further, is one of the distinct crypto trading exchange platforms that very much facilitates buying Bitcoins with credit cards.

Further, to highlight its features, i.e., offers its user with the following benefits: Interface with User-friendliness.

  • Credit card as a payment option and speedy registration cum verification process.
  • Transparent transactions & Faster payouts facility.
  • Modest commission and fee structure for all types of transactions.
  • Round the clock customer service support facility.

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