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Attributes That Can Help To Become Successful CFD Trader

CFD trading offers many advantages over conventional trading. CFD offers increased leverage, which brings significant gains. Although certain risks are involved, with a proper strategy that can be managed. Leveraged trading is much desired because it let you spent only a fraction of the amount that you otherwise would have spent in buying the actual asset.

Additionally, CFD trading exposes you to international stocks, commodities, indices, and foreign exchange, which allow you to diversify your investment and reducing the concentration risks. Another reason why CFDs are getting very popular is that it allows traders to hold both short and long positions, so a trader gains either stock moves up or down. But that shouldn’t mean that you can jump in without any planning. Correct planning and preparations are the keys to successful CFD trading. Here are a few traits developing which you can become a successful CFD trader:

  1. Self-control – The most important trait of a successful CFD trader is Self-control. A trader who had a streak of good luck in trading can easily get lured to up his game by scaling his trade volumes to increase his profit. One huge mistake can cost you higher than you can even imagine. Self-control is the trait that can keep the trader in check so that he only takes the amount of risk that he can handle easily.
  2. Patience – Another quality that a CFD trader needs is patience. Many trades can get lucrative if a trader is patient. It is always better to wait for clear opportunities rather than trading when the market is surrounded by uncertainties. Some of the best trading strategies demand patience from the trader.
  3. Planning skills – A trader should have a great planning skill. A well-executed trading plan helps you in keeping calm at the moment when things are not going in the right direction. You should know your long-term goals and adopt the right money management strategies along with good records to keep trading statistics updated. You should predetermine your limit of loss and the amount of risk that you want to take.
  4. Effective use of leverage – While high leverage can increase your gains, it can also multiply your losses. As a trader, you should know how to limit your leverage to typically 10:1 or less.
  5. Be educated – People think that just by reading a few articles they have figured out the core of CFD trading, and they jump in trading only to lose their money. If you want to become a good trader, then learn and educate yourself with the trading rules beforehand. You should choose the right platform for trading, which offers a dummy account to its clients. You can get the feel of trading through the dummy account before directly jumping into the market.
  6. Art of diversifying – As you get the better understanding of the market, don’t be scared to diversify. This way, when the market hits low, you won’t get much of the blow.

A right trading platform and the qualities given above can make you a good CFD trader. A platform like is one of the most reputed platforms which offer smooth and easy trading experiences to its traders.

Rosaria SmithAttributes That Can Help To Become Successful CFD Trader
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China Reportedly Sends off Fleet of Ships to South China Sea Island to Halt Construction Facilities of Philippines

China has been charged with sending around 100 of ships together to block the construction work of Philippines on a controversial Island in the South China Sea.

Beijing began to move vessels to Thitu which is the part of Spratly chain, in compliance to the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative [AMTI] which is operated by the Washington based Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

The fleet of ships together was sent off alongside Subi Reef which consists of vessels of the Navy and coastguard besides a bundle of fishing boats. The report suggests that their appearance was associated as an effort to force the Philippines to stop the work on the disputed island that China also claims at its property.

While the satellite pictures show that the Chinese navy Jianghu V class frigate and Zhaoduan class coastguard intersected Thitu on December 20, at that time the Chinese vessels had topped to 95.

The report also suggested that the Chinese warship was seven nautical miles away from the Philippine navy’s frigate namely the BRP Ramon Alcaraz during that time.

Back in April 2017, the government of Philippines reported that it was supposed to start constructing a beaching ramp mainly on Thitu, commonly known as Pagasa in the Philippines and Chinese Zhongye Island.

After the completion, the beaching ramp will permit the ships of the Philippines to carry materials in order to repair and to extend the runway over the island so that it can adjust bigger aircraft.

The construction work might have been completed by the end of 2018. Meanwhile, Philippines authorities stated that the process had been delayed due to cold weather and rough seas.

The AMTI indicated that the operations of China have also contributed to the delay over construction.

The Defense Secretary of Philippines Delfin Lorenzana addressed on Monday to the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the ramp is intended to be completed during the quarter 1 of the year.

The only issue with the Pagasa is that everything that is required to repair like steel bars, gravel, sand, and heavy equipment, needs to be brought in, Lorenzana mentioned. “In order to bring all these things we require a beaching ramp, so I hope that it will be completed during the 1st quarter of the year, about the beaching ramp, ” he added.

Lorenzana also mentioned that his country should oppose the decision of Beijing to build a rescue center over the Fiery Cross Reef, basically captured by Chinese outpost in the Spratly chain which is also maintained by Philippines and Vietnam.

The AMTI quoting about the satellite images stated that the number of Chinese ships in that area was increased to 24 on December 3, just before the recent construction work began and had increased to almost 95 on December 25 although the number has reduced to 42 by January 26.

Earlier in November, Lorenzana said that China’s ambassador to the Philippines had requested to cancel the proposed work.

Meanwhile, the decrease in the Chinese vessels indicates that the Chinese forces have decided to settle into monitoring pattern and warning after their large initial deployment process failed to satisfy Manila to stop the construction work, the AMTI stated.

Eventually, the plans have regularly faced delays, and their extent is much simpler as compared to those which were taken by China or Vietnam, the report mentioned.

Upon completion, the Philippines will have re-acquired around 8 acres of land in past years in Spratlys, in comparison to 120 acres by Vietnam and 3,200 by China, it concluded.

Rosaria SmithChina Reportedly Sends off Fleet of Ships to South China Sea Island to Halt Construction Facilities of Philippines
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US Ends historic hostility with North Korea, Meet in Vietnam

The political and diplomatic relationship between North Korea and the US has been historically spiked. This condition worsened when North Korea conducted a series of missile and nuclear tests and displayed an ability to launch a ballistic missile across its borders. Tension prevailed between both countries in 2017. During the first half of 2018, North Korea announced the restoration of its missiles and had agreed to hold talks with South Korea. An inter- Korean summit was signed in April followed by bi-lateral summit between Trump and Kim in June 2018. This summit called for the “Full denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.” Ever since the success of the first meeting, US hostages have returned home, nuclear testing has been stopped, and there hasn’t been any nuclear launch in more than 15 months.

US president Donald Trump has announced that there would be another meeting between both the leaders at the end of February 2019, in Vietnam. This meet is to push for peace on the Korean borders. Trump has confirmed that his association with the North Korean leaders has been good so far and there has been a development in his administration’s efforts to stabilize peace.

However, president Trump has confidently claimed that “Washington and Pyongyang would be in a major war right now, had he not been elected as the president of the United States.” He also stated that continuous efforts are required to keep the peace in place as the US has a long history of heightened tension with North Korea.

Trump-Kim’s second phase summit meeting is scheduled on 27thand 28th February, in Vietnam. The exact location for the meet is not confirmed yet. However, two main locations that pose as major possibilities are – the nation’s capital, Hanoi and the coastal resort town, Da Nang. Other countries, South Korea and Japan hope that this summit would be meaningful and would lead to the complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Prior to the leaders meet, the US lead negotiator with North Korea- Stephen Biegun is all ready to meet his North Korean counterpart Kim HyokChol on Wednesday in Pyongyang to discuss the content of the meet and the concrete deliverables.

The White House announced that the summit was scheduled at the end of February after president Donald Trump met with the North Korean diplomat – Kim Yong Chol and discussed for an hour and a half at the white house. After the past year’s meet, President Trump confidently declared that North Korea’s supply of nuclear missiles did not pose a threat to the US anymore. North Korea responded similarly, as long as the US does not pose a threat, they will hold back the usage of their nuclear supply. Their demands included the removal of US troops from the South Korean border, which the US hasn’t accepted and termed it non-negotiable.

The second meet is to progress further with respect to the development of nuclear missile, as there hasn’t been any post the first summit in Singapore. Reports state that North Korea has been working in new nuclear missile development projects and production of fuel for the missiles have increased in multiple solitary locations before that summit.

The UN has been keeping an eye on North Korea’s moves with nuclear weapons. They have confirmed that North Korea has been covering their ballistic missiles from American strikes. Monitors also said that the country had been illegally avoiding measures and the penalties.

North Korea has been the only nation to test nuclear missiles in this century. The nation’s leader Kim has been following the steps of his father, Kim Jong II, and grandfather, Kim II Sung and has tested more than 90 missiles and fired four nuclear weapons, since 2011. He has launched these weapons more than his father and grandfather did during their entire tenure of 27 years. The most severe and first ever intercontinental ballistic missile was tested in 2017. Kim has further threatened to release missiles into waters of Guam, touching the US territory before the summit.

Rosaria SmithUS Ends historic hostility with North Korea, Meet in Vietnam
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Parks and Network Help Disney Beat Estimates

Walt Disney Company comfortably beat Wall Street estimates of its quarterly earnings, and much of that has to do with its flourishing theme park business and the growth recorded by its ABC network. The growth at ABC is also a part of Disney’s larger thrust towards turning the company into a digital media behemoth at some point in the future. For the quarter that ended in December, Disney recorded earnings per share of $1.84, which is easily higher than analysts’ estimates of $1.55 earnings per share. Following the announcement, shares rallied 1.8%.

One of the most important things that Disney has tried is to get into online streaming to compete with streaming platforms like Netflix. Because it owns Disney Channels, ABC and ESPN, it has not found it tough to launch such services. ESPN+ and Disney+ are the streaming services that the company launched recently. However, operating streaming services will also have short term costs for the company. Christine McCarthy, Disney’s Chief Financial Officer, stated that the establishment of streaming services would result in loss of operating income to the tune of $150 million on year on year basis. This is down to the fact that Disney will surrender licensing income.

At the same time, the ESPN+ streaming service has been able to attract 2 million customers, and that reflects a 100% increase in the number of subscribers in only five months. According to Disney’s Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger, around 60000 of the new subscribers joined ESPN+ just ahead of the first UFC broadcast on the service.

The company has been completely overhauled to make it ready for a future in which Disney is going to be a major player in the streaming industry, and these earnings were the first to reflect the merits of the new push. The operating income from the media networks- $1.5 billion- made up the biggest chunk of Disney’s income. The profits generated by ABC’s broadcasting arm were however absolutely vital as the division generated a 40% rise in profits.

On the other hand, the profits in the theme park and consumer product businesses rose by 10% to $2.2 billion. The excellent numbers were down to higher spending by guests at the theme parks and higher occupancy rates. An analyst at said, “Disney’s earnings momentum shows that the company will be entering a highly competitive video-streaming market from a position of strength. If its existing media assets are churning out good cash and it’s able to contain its costs, the video streaming push later this year should make investors excited and help the stock to get out of its current sluggish spell”

Rosaria SmithParks and Network Help Disney Beat Estimates
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